Migratory Shrikes prey on other migrating songbirds during trans-Saharan crossing

Shrikes (family Laniidae) are small songbirds that are notorious for the gruesome habit of attacking, impaling and consuming vertebrates such as frogs, lizards, snakes, rodents and sometimes other songbirds. However the Woodchat Shrike (Lanius senator pictured above), being among the…

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Lean migratory songbirds move more when food is scarce

Studies with captive birds show effects of food availability on locomotor activity

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Energy reserves but not oxidative balance influence sleep

Sleep pattern associated with energy reserves but not oxidative status

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MSc projects in migratory bird physiology available for spring 2020

We are currently recruiting two MSc students for exploring physiological and behavioural aspects of bird migration in spring 2020. The project will start in February 2020 and the students’ availability for continuous fieldwork on the island of Ponza in Italy from…

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Why birds sleep with their head tucked in

A function for sleep in migratory strategies

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Stopover Strategies in the Sahara

Migratory songbirds use diverse strategies during stopover to cross the Sahara Desert.

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