The importance of synchronization in courtship

Male ring dove perching on a window box

The timing of vocal and visual components may influence attractiveness of multimodal signals

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Learned components of courtship

A focus on postural displays, choreographies and construction abilities

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Physiological innovation and courtship behaviour

Specialized metabolic, respiratory and cardiovascular systems sustain the neuromuscular demands of physically demanding courtship

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Deciphering choreographies of elaborate courtship displays

3D motion capture to study courtship displays in the field

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Females ring doves prefer long courtship but low frequency calls

What female doves respond to during courtship

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Manakins adapt their courtship display to environmental disruptions

Males use motor sequence learning to modify their display when the physical structure of the court is altered

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Review paper on multimodal courtship displays

Why are many courtship displays so complex?

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Courtship learning in bowerbirds

Do Australian spotted bowerbirds learn aspects of their courtship display from other males?

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