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Our lab is based at the Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, and at the Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna. The lab was created thanks to a special grant of…


We study several aspects of avian biology, from migration physiology to sexual selection, both in the laboratory and in the field. A unifying feature of our research is the broad approach that includes both proximate and ultimate questions. Besides long-term…

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We are accepting applications for internships, Bachelor, and Master dissertations. When available, job openings for specific projects are listed below this text, in the Blog page, and at the bottom of this page in the category ‘Jobs’. If you are…


How do birds regulate seasonal expression of the migratory state? The gut hormone ghrelin could play a key role, suggests an experimental study in common quails

The seasonal expression and the migratory phenotype is signalled by rapid and marked changes in food intake, fuelling, and amount of nocturnality. We used common quails (Coturnix coturnix) to assess if the hormone corticosterone and the gut-derived hormone ghrelin play…

New grant to implement novel feeding strategies on fish farms

Stefan Fischer and other group members received a new grant to improve animal welfare on fish farms funded by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund.

Claudia Janiczek wins the prize for the best poster at the PhD academy

Another recognition for our group: Claudia Janiczek won the prize for the best poster at the PhD Academy, an event organized by the CoBeNe Doctoral School of the University of Vienna. Claudia presented her work on the comparison of courtship…

Cover Image for Ethology – Jan 2023

Our paper Sneaky copulations by ‘apprentices’ bowerbirds made the cover of the journal’s issue of January 2022. Nice to see our work portraited!

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Article on reduction of migratory behaviour in Der Standard

If you can read German, have a look at the most recent interview released by Wolfgang Vogl on the disappearence of migratory behaviour in many species of migratory birds that remain in Europe in winter because of climate change. https://www.derstandard.at/story/2000141778277/immer-mehr-zugvoegel-canceln-ihren-abflug-in-den-sueden?ref=article

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Sweet sap, savory ants

Woodpeckers taste sweet, but wrynecks lost the ability to taste sugars. Photo: © Charles Thomas (Macaulay Library ML180000101)

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