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We are accepting applications for internships, Bachelor, and Master dissertations. When available, job openings for specific projects are listed below this text, in the Blog page, and at the bottom of this page in the category ‘Jobs’. If you are interested in coming to our lab for a PhD or a Postdoc but there is no open job offer, please contact us to discuss possible sources of funding.

  • MSc project available: How personality and sex influence problem solving in a highly social fish
    We are looking for a motivated student interested in a Master’s project in Behavioural Biology and Cognition using a social cichlid (Neolamprologus pulcher) from Lake Tanganyika. The thesis will be part of the WWTF funded project: “Coping with change: Investigating the relationships between behavioural flexibility, stress and early environment”. We are particularly interested in a … Read more
  • MSc projects in migratory bird physiology available for spring 2020
    We are currently recruiting two MSc students for exploring physiological and behavioural aspects of bird migration in spring 2020. The project will start in February 2020 and the students’ availability for continuous fieldwork on the island of Ponza in Italy from March to May 2020 is required. Spring research will involve studies on the physiological and … Read more