MSc projects in migratory bird physiology available for spring 2020

We are currently recruiting two MSc students for exploring physiological and behavioural aspects of bird migration in spring 2020. The project will start in February 2020 and the students’ availability for continuous fieldwork on the island of Ponza in Italy from March to May 2020 is required. Spring research will involve studies on the physiological and hormonal control of migration, decision making during stopover and behavioural changes experienced during migratory season. The students should be ready to stay in Vienna and work on their Master project after returning from fieldwork to help with laboratory and data analysis.

We are seeking highly motivated candidates, who are keen on spending the entire fieldwork season together with other researchers at our field site on the island of Ponza. The ideal candidates should be team players and willing to be involved in intense team work throughout the field season. Furthermore, she/ he should be comfortable with spending some possibly long working days in the field and at our on-site laboratory. Honest motivation and commitment to the project are essential. The working language is English and knowledge of the language is necessary. Previous experience with bird related field work is very welcome but not a must.

We offer students an extensive bird migration field work experience in an international environment. Students will learn the catching and handling of wild birds, will be taught how to conduct field experiments and process the samples collected therein. Birds will be held in short-term captivity in our on-site laboratory giving students the opportunity to learn the use of different methods and apparatuses (e.g. respirometer) in migratory bird research with a focus on physiological processes. Furthermore, students will be able to expand their team work and independent field work skills and gain a wide range of knowledge on different topics of avian migration.

If you are interested in joining our team in spring 2020, please apply by sending your CV including a reference to Julia Slezacek by emailing to Interviews will be held until January 2020. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Julia or Prof. Leonida Fusani ( Involvement in the project through conduction of an internship can be discussed. For more information about the ringing station on site please visit

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

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