Ponza 2019 started!

Ponza view

We are happy to announce that the data collection for this year’s spring migratory field season on the island of Ponza has officially started in the beginning of April! PhD students Andrea Ferretti and Julia Slezacek and Master students Benjamin Kostner and Caroline Denechaud have spent the beginning of this month setting up the field site laboratory and field equipment to kick off this year’s data collection. Indeed, the preparatory work has already paid off and we have been able to collect the first samples and host the first Garden Warblers (Sylvia borin) and Common Whitethroats (Sylvia communis) in our registration cages for this season’s studies. This year we are investigating the influence of gut hormones on behaviour and physiology during stopover with a great focus on the hormone ghrelin and the genetics of the bird ghrelin system. In addition, we continue collecting data on sleep behaviour and have started a novel project on bird gut microbiota during migration.

For detailed information on the ringing activities and regular updates on the progress of the ringing season please check out our collaborator’s and local ringing station’s website.

If you would like to get involved in our research on migration physiology next spring season 2020, please contact Julia Slezacek for more information.

Ponza 2019 team
from left to right: Caroline Denechaud, Benjamin Kostner, Andrea Ferretti, Julia Slezacek

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