Otto Monge, MSc

PhD Student

Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

I am a wildlife biologist with a special interest in the conservation of birds. My main focus is the generation of scientific outputs that will help to inform the decision making process in conservation. For this reason, I am mostly concerned with identifying risk factors associated with the degree of threat to focal bird species (e.g. pathogen infection, restrictions to gene flow or inadequate management in captivity). In addition, I aim to explore what is the role of agroecosystems in driving the spatio-temporal dynamics of bird species’ response to climate change and how can farmer decisions be integrated in this framework. Finally, I am highly interested in assessing which ecosystem services birds are able to provide in human-dominated landscapes and which are efficient ways to preserve that functionality.

Current projects:

Spatio-temporal effects of climate change and physiological vulnerability of tropical montane birds in human-dominated landscapes. Funded by the Costarican Ministry of Science and Technology (MICITT) and by the Faculty of Science of the University of Vienna

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