Jean Pierre Elbers, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow and Bioinformatician

Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna
Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

My started my career in ecology (Bachelor of Science and Master’s thesis projects), but I worked on conservation genetics of gopher tortoises for my PhD at Louisiana State University. During my PhD, I developed computational skills in bioinformatics and have further improved on those skills in my postdoctoral work. I consider myself a tool-manipulating primate (i.e., I am not a hard-core programmer), rather than say the people that develop bioinformatics programs (the tool-making primates), or those unable to modify already-available bioinformatics programs (i.e., tool-using primates). I am not restricted to any particular programming language and sometimes use many tools and languages combined together to get the job done.

I do mostly bioinformatic analyses nowadays, and jobs can vary from genome assembly, genome annotation, variant calling, differential gene expression, genome-wide association analyses, and everything in between. I love testing bioinformatics programs through simulations, but remember all simulations are wrong- just some are more useful than others.

Main current project: Stopover biology: How does ghrelin mediate migratory decision?.

Funded by Austrian Science Fund (FWF), grant N: P31037-B29.

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