Cliodhna Quigley, Dr rer nat

Postdoctoral Fellow

Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna
Senior Research Fellow, Dept. of Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna

My training is in cognitive science and I have broad research interests in visual and multisensory processing, using cognitive and behavioural neuroscience methods. The main focus of my current work is to use electroencephalogram (EEG) in birds to better understand the female response to male courtship displays (ring doves, Streptopelia risoria). I am also investigating multisensory processing in birds, as we are interested in how the auditory and visual components of the male ring dove’s relatively simple courtship display interact during female evaluation.

My previous work focused on visual attention in humans (whether top-down control of visual processing is altered in healthy old age) and non-human primates (whether cholinergic neuromodulation mediates top-down attention effects in visual cortex); and multisensory integration in humans.

Project: Measurement of brain responses in birds during naturalistic courtship behaviour

Funded by Startup funds of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, and the University of Vienna

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