Armando Alberto Aispuro, MSc

PhD Candidate, Fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

I am a behavioural ecologist interested in the interactions among different life history stages of an animal’s life. Specifically, I am interested in how carry-over effects of previous events can inform future events, ultimately influencing reproductive output. An ideal system to study this phenomenon is with migratory songbirds. Researchers have shown that life history characteristics, such as wintering site habitat selection, have profound ramifications on avian breeding success, yet there has been less focus on the influence of events at stopover sites. Stopover is perhaps the least understood and one of the most consequential components to the life history of migratory birds. The wide geographic scale and slim temporal windows on which migration operates, makes stopover difficult to study with conventional methodologies. Therefore, I use tools that forego the problem of scale such as stable isotope analysis, geolocation, automated radio-telemetry and hormone analysis, in order to ask fundamental questions about the interactions between stopover behaviour and avian life history. 

ProjectVariation in physiological and behavioural strategies to maximize migratory stopover efficiency at a Saharan oasis.
Funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, DOC Fellowship 25133.

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